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Grace Zheng

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Grace has had the privilege of spending 15 years in tech and marketing, previously working at Microsoft, Pfizer, Canon, and many SMEs.


AI Marketing Leader, multi-lingual, 4 career pivots Internationally

Throughout her international career across four countries in tech and marketing, she has demonstrated strong multicultural adaptability, resilience, and leadership, contributing to generating 9-figure annual revenues for businesses.

AI Advisor

Grace is providing AI advisory in digital transformation, business growth strategy, AI in marketing, advertising, analytics and optimised ROI for both B2C and B2B.

Career and Leadership Coach


As a coach, Grace is facilitating career pivots, career growth, leadership and influence, acing interviews to scale careers in tech and marketing, personal branding, mindset refinement, public speaking, influence, and connection building. 

International Keynote Speaker

Grace is also an active International speaker, moderator, and community builder delivering speech across AI, Big Data, AI Marketing, Product, leadership and business growth strategy for both B2B and B2C.

AI advisor, Founder @ Grace Global AI Ventures & Co. ; 

Product Marketing, eCommerce @ Microsoft; 

Artificial Intelligence Lead, Data Analyst @ Canon; 

Digital Marketing Manger @ Pfizer

Grace Zheng and Community Feature Link Banner(1920 x 1080 px) (4).png


Facilitating businesses, marketers, and growth professionals in bridging the gap between AI Marketing strategy and overall business growth in the age of AI through effective strategy and execution that align with vision, mission, and goals.

Facilitating marketers in viewing growth through a wider business lens and collaborating more effectively with product, engineering, design, and software development teams through both strategic alignment and operational integration. 

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